Pit Murk by Hannah Sullivan

£10.00 - £25.00

On the 21st June, the shortest night of the year, we launch pre-sales of Hannah Sullivan’s Pit Murk. A collection of short stories inspired by darkness - by what it allows, it’s richness; the qualities and creatures it keeps. These stories follow those who turn towards the magnitude of the darkness, and away from the light. Bringing together experiences of curiosity, grief, magic, solitude, and the unknown.

Edition of 100. This book has been published on a DIY not-for-profit basis. We are using a sliding-scale pricing system variable according to your income, please see guidance when paying. Once the low-income allocation runs out we are unable to release any more on this pay range as it will make the project unviable.

Published by the Conway and Young Small Press - a new venture with the aim of encouraging and exposing new writing, ideas and early iterations of works, that don’t yet have funding, from self-identifying women, non-binary and queer artists

This publication was designed through conversations with the author over a period of 6-months, while the text was being written. The cover was screen-printed using limestone in reference to the location of Cave. The dimensions of the publication reference the hours of darkness on the longest night of the year (21st December), in Bristol, UK. The dimensions of the bookmarks reference the amount of hours of light on the same day. The eye drawings reference the pupil’s reaction to darkness. The drawing on the back cover is of a night phlox, a night scented flower referenced in Moon Garden. The silver on the front cover is light blocking tape cut into shapes that reference the patterns on the wings of moths. These were stuck on in the dark. The photographs were taken in the dark by Hannah Sullivan during the spring and summer of 2021 whilst this collection was being written. The release date for Pit Murk was 21st December 2021 - the darkest day of the year in the UK.

Hannah Sullivan is a writer and performer In Bristol. Hannah has previously written theatre shows ‘Echo Beach’ and ‘With Force and Noise’; performance piece ‘Draw to Look’; and self-published a collection of short stories ‘Ann, Aida, May’. Hannah studied MA Performance Research at the University of Bristol and BA Theatre with Visual Practices at Dartington College of Arts.